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Tiger Punch, September 26, Atletico Madrid coach Simeone attended the pre-match press conference with Granada.


good morning everyone. First of all, I hope that I can express my gratitude to you all for the blessings and concerns expressed during my isolation at home during the past period of time. Fortunately, I basically had no symptoms and everything went smoothly. Now I am back, full of fighting spirit and ability, hoping to start a brand new wonderful season.


Regarding Suarez’s question, his joining undoubtedly brought us more strength and made our club and team better. Suarez’s ability will not only bring us internal competition, but also Will improve our offense. I hope that his long-term goal account will follow Atletico Madrid.


I talked to Suarez before, I talked to him before he joined Barcelona, ​​and when he had a chance to join Atletico, I also talked to him. The past 6 years have been very successful for Suarez. The teammates here welcome him. Everyone hopes that he can integrate into Atletico as soon as possible and hope that he can help Atletico.


I think everyone knows Suarez well. He is the anchor of the team's offense. His activities in the penalty area can create many opportunities for us to drive the team's offense. Since Morata left the team, we think the most important thing is to find a player who can fill this vacancy.


When the possibility of Suarez joining appears, because we know it is still difficult to find a replacement for Morata.


The past day has been a long time for Suarez. Of course, he also participated in training. The players are still very fighting spirit. Tomorrow Suarez will be selected for the big list because we still have spots. As for the appearance, let's see whether it is a starter or a substitute.


This time the virus came to me, but thank God I finally recovered. At the beginning, I was really irritable and frustrated, but there was no doubt that day by day, I gradually accepted and got used to all this, and gradually my mentality became more stable. And thank the medical staff for their help, I have been paying attention to the team's training situation during this time.


I think this period of time is also great, because after the team got used to training with me, it did not relax even when I was away. I have finally recovered, my body is full of energy, and I am very happy and joyful. Just like any previous season, one step at a time.


What we hope is to make our characteristics more distinct and our advantages more obvious. Most of the time our signings are very successful, some are not ideal. I hope to be like Falcao, Costa, and Griezmann, and I hope Suarez can succeed like them.


I think first of all, Suarez himself believes that he can continue his performance in Atletico Madrid and continue his state of these years. This is his own idea. If the player himself has such determination, I believe everything will become very easy. .

我认为首先,苏亚雷斯本人相信他可以继续在马德里竞技的表现并继续他这些年的状态。这是他自己的想法。如果玩家本人有这样亚博网站app下载的决心亚博网站下载,我相信一切都会变得很容易。 。