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In the Catalan derby, Wu Lei came off the bench in the 85th minute. This may be the last time he faced a top European giant. After the debut time, it is difficult for Wu Lei to perform short, and he failed to make Barcelona as the first line of life for the Parrots like a few months ago. Although the Spaniard showed a strong desire to survive in this game, it did not help them. Pull out the relegation quagmire.


Suarez's final decision in the second half nailed the last nail in the coffin for his city rival Spaniard.


However, everything at present is really a bit miserable, as Wu Lei said in the weekly diary: "Even if I imagined the difficulties that I might encounter in studying abroad many times before going abroad, it is nothing more than the lack of opportunities to play, perennial substitutes, and the lack of trust in the coaches to integrate. The team didn’t really think that it would be the result of relegation.”


Wu Lei's next step is to play in West Second Division, move quickly or return to the Super League, this is a question worth thinking about.


In one and a half seasons, Wu Lei contributed 11 goals and 3 assists for the Spaniard in all competitions. Among them, he scored 7 goals in La Liga and became the second most scoring Chinese player in the top five European leagues. From what perspective, Wu Lei's performance on the La Liga stage is remarkable.


Wu Lei has publicly stated more than once that he is willing to accept the challenge of studying abroad and came to Europe to pursue his football dream. Moreover, Wu Lei is less than 30 years old, living a regular life, training hard, and maintaining a good state, so he should stay in Europe and continue to roam.


Based on this, there are actually only two roads ahead of Wu Lei.


On this basis, many professionals and fans believe that Wu Lei should stay in Europe to continue to develop, but as the only seed of Chinese players in the five major leagues, everyone hopes that the martial arts king can leave the Spaniards to play for other teams, the Premier League’s Walter Ford and Wolves have had scandals with the Chinese forward.


Among them, the Hornet Watford appreciates Wu Lei's speed and running ability very much. According to relevant media reports, Watford’s new equipment sponsor Kalmay is the driving force behind Wu Lei’s switch to the Hornet. Compared with other rumors, the news of Watford’s olive branch is more reliable.


The news of the Wolves’ invitation to Wu Lei spread more widely. Before and after the La Liga rematch, domestic and foreign media have reported that the Wolves with Chinese background intends to invite Wu Lei to join, and even prepare a long-term contract, even the famous reporter. Kira once disclosed that it was Mendes, a big crocodile in the transfer market, that matched the Wolves and Wu Lei.


However, the physical confrontation of the Premier League is stronger than that of La Liga. In La Liga, Wu Lei, who needs to "hide his opponent" to play, will face more severe survival challenges. Under the high-intensity confrontation, many of the original technical advantages will be compromised, especially In the stronger Wolves team, it is difficult for Wu Lei to play.


Compared with the sunshine and cheerfulness of the Spaniards, the British are more introverted and restrained, and culturally it is not conducive to Wu Lei's integration.


Many fans think that the level of the second division is not high, and they are unwilling to watch Wu Lei "sink" there.


In fact, staying with the Spaniards in West Second is also beneficial. First of all, in terms of overall technical and tactical capabilities, especially in terms of technology, the players in the Second Division far exceed the domestic players in the Super League.


There is no proof. We look at the Japanese players who played in the Second Division, and we can roughly know their level. Shinji Okazaki, Shinji Kagawa, and Mt. Shibasaki. Although these Japanese players are older and in decline, Chinese players can compete with They are still extremely rare at the same level.


Another example would be Las Palmas, the National Security General of the Second Division, and the former Guizhou core Ruben Castro. Everyone knows how dominant these two are in the Super League, and the teams they play for are in the West. B can only be regarded as midstream.

另一个例子是第二师国家安全总司拉斯帕尔马斯和前贵州核心鲁宾·卡斯特罗。谁都知道这两个在超级联赛中的统治地位,他们效力的球队在西方。 B只能视为中游。

Therefore, due to the international team and big-name foreign aid, the West Second team may not be as strong as the top clubs in the Super League, but the overall strength should be better than the Super League.


Secondly, La Liga is more concerned in Europe, especially in Spain, and the martial arts king has a greater chance of winning the top five leagues again through outstanding performance (both promotion and transfer hopes). What's more, Wu Lei said in an exclusive interview with People's Daily Sports that no matter what the result is, he hopes to "fight with the Spanish to the end."


In this season of La Liga, the martial arts king has a clear trajectory of improvement. The ability to run to create opportunities and the stability of single-handedness have improved. This shows that it is better to stay in a league with relatively strong competition and better overall level. s Choice.


Wu Lei's relegation experience is not new among Chinese overseas players.


Back then, Yang Chen followed Frankfurt to relegation to the second division of the Bundesliga. Shao Jiayi followed Munich in 1860 and Cottbus twice. Zheng Zhi played for the Premier League less than a season with Charlton in the championship. These seniors have experienced relegation. Bitter.

那时,杨晨跟随法兰克福降级到德甲第二分区。邵家义于1860年跟随慕尼黑,两次跟随科特布斯。郑智(Zheng Zhi)与查尔顿(Charlton)一起参加英超联赛不到一个赛季。这些前辈经历过降级。苦。

Similarly, their choices after relegation, whether correct or not, can also serve as a lesson for Wu Lei.


Many people still remember the furious relegation battle in Frankfurt 21 years ago.


On May 24, 1999, Yang Chen drove the ball for a long distance for 60 meters and then shot the ball into the Kaiserslautern goal. In the final round of the relegation match, Frankfurt defeated the opponent 5-1 with a goal difference. Advantages are successfully relegated. In the 2000-01 season two years later, Yang Chen, who played in the World Cup qualifiers, could only watch the team unfortunately relegated.


In fact, Yang Chen had the opportunity to leave the relegated Frankfurt. The reason why he stayed was to pay the debts of the mayor, club and fans of Frankfurt.


According to his interview that year, he said: "If I participated in all the future matches of the Frankfurt team, it may not be what I am now, so I always feel that I owe them... The Chinese are humane, so I decided to stay and pay it back. Favor debt."


Yang Chen performed well in the Bundesliga. In fact, he chose to leave when Frankfurt was relegated to find a Bundesliga team to continue playing in the top five European leagues. If you can leave at the peak, everything may be different.


In 2001, the top ten competition was fierce. Due to the concerns of the national team, Yang Chen still moved between Europe and Asia. Even in the German second team, he still couldn't devote himself to it. The level of his teammates continued to decline. He relied on speed and dexterity. The way of playing also gradually loses advantage with age.


On the whole, Yang Chen's failure to return to the Bundesliga after relegation was limited by his own technical characteristics and also suffered from the lack of talent in the national team. Wu Lei should avoid these problems and find a team that really suits him is the best choice.


After Yang Chen, Shao Jiayi, also from Beijing Guoan, became the banner figure of the Bundesliga abroad. In 2002, Shao Jiayi joined the Bundesliga Munich 1860 team and started his four-year trip to Munich. During this period, Shao Jiayi contributed to the stunt of direct free kicks and was plagued by injuries. He followed the team in the Bundesliga Bundesliga. Become an important member of the team.

杨震之后,同样来自北京国安的邵佳一成为国外德甲的标志人物。 2002年,亚博网站下载邵家义加入德甲慕尼黑1860队,开始了为期四年的慕尼黑之旅。在此期间,邵佳一助长了直接任意球的绝技,并受到受伤的困扰。他在德甲联赛中跟随球队。成为团队的重要成员。

In 2006, Shao Jiayi switched to the Bundesliga Cottbus and scored a wonderful free kick for the team. In the campaign, he shook Dortmund's defense line and broke Weidenfeller's goal.


In the 6 seasons with the team, he spent most of his time in the Bundesliga. During this period, Shao Jiayi was also plagued by injuries, which greatly restrained his room for growth.


After leaving Cottbus in 2011, Shao Jiayi also played for the Bundesliga Duisburg team for a short time, and there was no outstanding performance.


Shao Jiayi was luckier than Yang Chen in terms of transfers, so he was able to play in the Bundesliga twice. In this regard, Wu Lei should learn, and when he is big enough, he should move closer to a higher platform.


At the same time, staying healthy is very important. He has suffered serious injuries to cruciate ligament, meniscus, ankle, and muscle. Even Shao Jiayi, the No. 1 gold left-footed player in Asia, can gain a foothold in the Bundesliga and even Bundesliga with his technical level, but his long-term inability to play games clearly lowered his upper limit.


Zheng Zhi is an extremely rare midfielder in China who can gain a foothold in the Premier League.


During his short Premier League career, he performed well. After the winter window joined, Zheng Zhi played 12 times for Charlton, including 8 starts, and scored his first Premier League goal against Newcastle.


After the team's relegation, Charlton's fans even thought that Darren Bent and Zheng Zhi could stay in the Premier League and there was no need to follow the team to play the Championship.


In the 2007-08 season, Zheng Zhi played with the team in the British Championship. He also became the team's main frontcourt. He played 42 times in 46 league games in the first half of the season. He scored 7 goals in the British Championship in the first half of the season. He also scored in the League Cup and the FA Cup.


Later, he had to represent the national team to participate in the World Preliminaries and rushed back and forth. In addition, the British Championship schedule was already intensive. Zheng Zhi's condition declined. In the second half of the season, there was no grain. Charlton also dropped from the top four to the 11th place. Chongchao failed.


However, in the selection of the best players after the end of the season, Zheng Zhi ranked second in the team and ranked fifth in the official best player selection of the British Championship.


Zheng Zhi was obviously attracted by the Geshiqi Gong who led the team to the Super League. He has not accepted the invitation of West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League after the season and lost the perfect opportunity to return to the Premier League. The next thing is to get injured at the start of the game and stop for five months. Since then, the decline is no longer the courage of the year.


I don't know if Zheng Zhi later regretted this decision.


Today, it seems that Zheng Zhizhi has successfully studied abroad. In addition to his own ability and hard work, what Wu Lei should learn from is that even if he plays for the second-level league, he must show high performance. This is the basis for the transfer.


In the past, Yang Chen, Shao Jiayi, Zheng Zhi, and today's Wu Lei, these Chinese players who have played in the five major leagues have not escaped the fate of relegation. This seemingly accidental event actually has some inevitable reasons.


In the five major leagues, their ability to create offensive space is limited, but they can seize the opportunities created by their teammates as much as possible.


As we all know, Wu Lei’s goal in the Spaniard is almost a pattern. Relying on a faster start speed and flexible running position to insert behind the opponent, the previous coaches have also paid attention to using and strengthening Wu Lei’s characteristics.


In fact, Yang Chen relied on speed and dexterity to gallop the Bundesliga back then, but he could not do without the passing support of his teammates. Back then, the German midfielder Bernd Schneider ignited the "Chinese firecrackers". After he left, Yang Chen scored a goal. Also dropped drastically.

实际上,杨晨当时依靠速度和敏捷性来疾驰德甲,但如果没有队友的大力支持,他是无法做到的。当时,德国中场施耐德(Bernd Schneider)点燃了“中国鞭炮”。离开后,杨晨攻入一球。也急剧下降。

And Shao Jiayi and Zheng Zhi can use their comprehensive midfield attributes to prop up the team in the German Second Division and the English Championship, but in the top league they will both be simplified into "free kickers" and "all-around substitutes."


In an interview that year, the German second silver boots Xie Hui said: "I had already talked about it, but when people saw that they had missed so many games in the first half of the season, they said let them go first. We (he and Yang Chen) have not reached people Wait for 8-10 rounds, so under the same comparison, you lose the advantage of transfer."


At that time, Yang Chen and Xie Hui were the main forwards of the Chinese team in the World Preliminary Group stage. In order to play for the country, they lost the opportunity to play in the Bundesliga to varying degrees.


In fact, Shao Jiayi, Zheng Zhi, and Li Tie are all tired of the national team competition. Travelling between Europe and Asia has caused varying degrees of overwork and illness, laying hidden dangers for long-term injuries.


In the final analysis, this is determined by the strength of the national team. Back then, the Chinese team only had so few outstanding overseas players. Naturally, it is necessary to use good steel on the blade. It is unlikely that the national team will not be the king of Qin in the game.


The Korean and Japanese national teams used overseas players in their games very sparingly. Even the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers would not recall all overseas players. This is a manifestation of their strength.


The cultures of European countries (and even some African and American countries) are relatively similar, and even compared with the Japanese and South Korean wave of overseas studies that have formed advantages in scale and quality, the sporadic overseas study of Chinese players does not have an advantage.


At that time, Yang Chen's success in Frankfurt benefited from the importance of coach Eman Trout, and the lack of communication with Magath also affected his playing time. In addition, it is not easy for Chinese players to interact with their teammates in life, which is not conducive to forming a good interaction with their teammates from the pitch.

当时,杨晨在法兰克福的成功得益于教练伊曼·特劳特(Eman Trout)的重要性,而与马加特(Magath)缺乏沟通也影响了他的上场时间。此外,中国球员在生活中与队友互动并不容易,这不利于在球场上与队友形成良好的互动。

Wu Lei should learn from the experience and lessons of these predecessors when he stays abroad in the future. Correct your attitude, seize fleeting transfer opportunities, integrate into the team as much as possible, and fully realize your strengths and shortcomings, so that you can get enough opportunities to play, and you should not be too high and hesitant , Really make your overseas career a pleasant memory and a means of growth.